Each episode of Seconds from Disaster follows the same order.

IMPORTANT: The following titles are NOT official.

Notice Edit

The notice tells to who is the program directed.

NOTE: Only some versions of Pentagon 9/11 have a notice.

Trailer Edit

The trailer is first of all, telling place and time of the disaster.

Intro Edit

The intro is the usual section of the narrator and the graphics.

Victims Edit

Before the chain of events starts, the survivors or the victims' familiars are introduced.

Sealed Fate Edit

Chain started. Now the is no way for the tragedy being prevented.

Before Edit

The disaster is about to happen, now complications have shown up.

Disaster Edit

The disaster occurs. Survivors tell how was it.

Survivor and Search Edit

Now rescue teams look for survivors and survivors presented are saved.

Review Edit

Investigators view the disaster's magnitude.

Investigation Edit

Investigators slowly search and decode clues.

Last Piece Edit

One amazing discovery finally closes the case.

Relining Edit

How and what happened are shown with computer graphics.

Remembrance Edit

The bodies are remembered and families join together.

Prevent Edit

Finally the safety measures are improved for another disaster to never happen again.

Memory Edit

If a witness or survivor dies after the filming, it is shown a sign of when he was born and when he died.

NOTE: Only Explosion in the North Sea has one in memory of survivor Bob Ballantine.

Credits Edit

Everyone working on the episode have their name shown.