King's Cross Fire
King's Cross Fire
King's Cross Fire
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title King's Cross Fire
Airdate May 19, 2006
Disaster King's Cross Fire
Date November 18, 1987
Kind Fire
Nature Dropped Match, Trench Effect
Fatalities 31

King's Cross Fire is the 30th episode of Seconds from Disaster testing how did a fire killed people meters away.

Plot Edit

A lighted match is dropped by a smoker down a gap in the wooden escalator at the King's Cross tube station. It ignites wax under the escalator. When someone notices the glowing fire under the escalator, the person stops the escalator. Later, a small flame rises on the steps. The full extent of the fire is hidden under the escalator. The entire area under it is on fire and the escalator aboves heats up. It gets so hot that is combusts and blasts a fireball up the escalator and kills 31 people in the ticket hall 20 metres away. The effect that happened is now called the trench effect.