Paris Train Crash
Paris Train Crash
Paris Train Crash
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title Paris Train Crash
Airdate October 18, 2005
Disaster Gare de Lyon Rail Disaster
Date June 27, 1988
Kind Train
Nature Break Failure, Crew Error
Fatalities 56

Paris Train Crash is the 24th episode of Seconds from Disaster investigates how did all security systems failed to prevent a disaster.

Plot Edit

A commuter train bound for Paris is forced to stop at Melun when a woman pulls the emergency brake. The crew reset the brake system so the train can resume its trip. However, they make a series of mistakes that results in the train being unable to brake and slow down. When the train arrives at the Gare de Lyon, it collides with another train parked at the station, killing 56 people.

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