Plane Crash in Queens
Plane Crash in Queens
Plane Crash in Queens
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title Plane Crash in Queens
Airdate September 6, 2006
Disaster American Airlines Flight 587
Date November 12, 2001
Kind Air and Space
Nature Pilot Error, Improper Rudder Use
Fatalities 265

Plane Crash in Queens is the 35th episode of Seconds from Disaster Seconds from Disaster and finds the reason of Flight 587's fall.

Plot Edit

Two months since the September 11, 2001 attacks, the event remained fresh in the minds of Americans. At John F. Kennedy Airport, American Airlines Flight 587, an Airbus A300-600R, leaves on a three hour flight to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Shortly after take-off, it encounters turbulence from a Japan Airlines Boeing B-747 that took off from the same runway 30 seconds earlier, causing it to violently tilt back and forth. The pilot repeatedly steps on the rudder back and forth to stabilize the plane, but his overuse of the rudder breaks the tail from the fuselage. Without the tail to support the aircraft, it spins out of control and crashes into Rockaway, Queens, killing all 260 people on board and 5 on the ground.