TWA 800
TWA 800
TWA 800
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title TWA 800
Airdate October 18, 2005
Disaster Trans World Airlines Flight 800
Date July 17, 1996
Kind Air and Space
Nature Electrical Failure, Central Fuel Tank Explosion
Fatalities 230

TWA 800 is the 23rd episode of Seconds from Disaster and reconstructs the fatal Flight 800.

Plot Edit

TWA Flight 800 leaves New York for Paris 80 minutes late. Only 12 minutes into the flight, there are short circuits in electrical wires which cause ignition of vaporised jet fuel in the center fuel tank. The explosion causes the nose of the aircraft to break off. The plane continues to disintegrate as it plummets into the sea, killing all 230 on board.

Trivia Edit

This disaster also appears in Seismic Seconds.

Duplicate Episode Edit